SLS 2013 BL Interface

The SLS 2013 Berger Lahr Driver Interface is specifically designed to interface with the PULSE-C Connector of the TLD011 3-Phase motor driver from Berger Lahr (which can drive the 3 phase stepping motor VRDM 3913 for example). It may also be used to interface to other external drivers.

Pin Layout of D-SUB 15 connector

Pin Signal Description Type
1 CLK Clock output OUTPUT
9 CLK Clock output, inverted OUTPUT
2 DIR Direction output OUTPUT
10 DIR Direction output, inverted OUTPUT
3 ENABLE Enable signal output OUTPUT
11 ENABLE Enable signal output, inverted OUTPUT
4 ON/OFF Turns power to motor off OUTPUT
12 ON/OFF Turns power to motor off OUTPUT
5 not used
6 not used
7 GND Ground GND
8 STATUS (ACTIVE) Status of driver (high:disabled, low: enabled) INPUT
13 not used
14 GND Ground GND
15 GND Ground GND

Signals on board

Name Type Function
Enable TTL INPUT Enable/Disable Motor Driver.
Active low.
Enable low: drive enabled, normal operation
Enable open or high:
drive disabled (see also Berger Lahr manual) MUST BE CLOSED IF NOT USED
ON/OFF TTL INPUT Input for motor current ON/OFF switch
ON/OFF low: phase current on
ON/OFF open or high: phase current off
Brake OC OUTPUT Open collector output for brake.
Can sink up to 50mA